About Sasazuka

Jul 2002

The weather was quite nice for a while. But its quickly become the rainy season. Although it’s better than the humid summer season which is coming up soon. Ack, I still need to wear suits to work as well!!!! The train ride will be terrible once this happens.

I hope all is well with everyone. So we finally got the apartment and by the time you guys read this email we would have moved in on Sunday. Finally I will be able to install ADSL or Cable! Unfortunately my wallet is now empty until I get paid the middle of this month. So I will be eating packet noodles for two weeks. Ah well. Sasazuka is a really nice area, we live just off this quaint street with every kind of shop you can imagine. There’s even a Tsutaya store, which is kind of like Blockbusters but I can also borrow CD music there and rip them at home. There’s also a nice jazz bar, pool hall, karaoke (of course), bowling alley, fast food joints, and the infamous pachinkos (like tatts pokies). Also there’s a lot to … ahhh … look at as well :) Obviously by now everyone knows the world cup scores… So I did my first late night coding at work this week. We had a presentation to do for the shachou (CEO) of a vertical slice of functionality integrating all our technologies in just two days!!! BTW struts is really cool. Anyway it went quite well and he is happy to go along with our ideas. In fact one of the projects which is running a bit late will be re-implemented into a J2EE application (it was developed over 6 months using ASP and it has several architectural problems). Anyway, that’s all from me, I will post some pictures of my place next time. Of course there will be nothing in it except maybe a futon and a couple of suitcases!!!