Hello Okinawa!

Jan 2003

Well, how long exactly has it been since the last update? So many things have happened here that I don’t know where to start! The project that I have been working on was release at the end of last year. Doing bug fixes, improving performance and the like now. Finally some rest after months of late nights and working on the weekends.

In late September I went to the island of Okinawa for a well earned vacation. Many companies here encourage their employees to take summer holidays… Okinawa is quite a beautiful place. I went snorkelling and sampled the many delights of Okinawan food. One of the restaurants we went to had a live duet by a couple of lively and beautiful ladies. If you’ve never heard any traditional Okinawan folk songs you’d probably think it was a bunch of cats wailing. After a while though you kind of get it. The unfortunate thing is the island has become very westernised because of the American military presence. While it may be good for english speaking tourists you kind of get the feeling that the Okinawa culture has lost some of its identity