New Job and being a Foreigner

May 2002

Well as some of you may have guessed I quit my job at Novell a week ago, I haven’t had much of a chance to email everyone as I have been working for the new company in japan already! At the moment we are architecting and deciding what software products and technologies we will use. Its looking like Java Data Objects with Struts, servlets, JSP and JSP tag libraries. Not looking at using EJBs yet.

Started looking for a house on the weekend, got a few knockbacks because I am a gaijin (foreigner). So I felt my first bit of racism here in Japan; its usually okay since I don’t look like a foreigner! I also went to disney sea last week, quite a lot of fun but not up to par with Universal studios in osaka or tokyo disneyland. I went to my first gay party (no I haven’t turned its just that i am living with a couple of gay friends of the missus). Interestingly, there was some drug taking (yes very illegal in japan and no I didn’t try any, actually the funny thing was the police did come to the house but it was about the noise, lucky they didn’t search the place!). I suppose everyone has heard about how packed peak hour is here and how old salary men (male office workers) feel women’s backsides up on trains; well I got the reverse happen to me by an old lady at “peak hour” in the supermarket. Lets just say she was in a rush to get out of my sight! I was so shocked as most of you guys know how skinny i am and how very little meat there is on my tush :) Anyway that’s about it for me now, missing everyone, I’ll try to keep more in touch.