Note to self: oysters in moderation

Sep 2003

So what pearl of wisdom can I pass onto you guys? Hmm, how about do not mix a lot of alcohol with oysters. I was taken to a nice Oyster bar (no, not the Blue Oyster bar) named after a famous fish market here in Tokyo (Tsukiji). The restaurant itself was very trendy and was located in Roppongi. They had an all you can eat oyster buffet with a free glass of wine for ¥1800 ~ AU$25. Most of you probably know how much I love oysters so I didn’t pass up the opportunity to stuff my face especially at such a discount rate. However I kind of drank too much and overate (two dozen or so). The next morning I woke up with a bad hangover, upset stomach and smelling like day-old seafood. Not a Good Thing™.