Nothing like a newly installed Operating System

Oct 2003

So Apple Computer released the latest version of their operating system: Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. It’s been getting wonderful reviews from the geeky and mainstream news sites. My Powerbook feels like a whole new computer. If you are wanting to unburden yourselves from Windows viruses, I highly suggest you take a trip down to a local Apple retailer and try it out. One of the coolest things is Exposé. It allows you to navigate all open windows by reducing their sizes so that you can view and pick form them all at once. For the security conscious, it also allows you to encrypt your home folder as well as send/receive encrypted e-mail. Also out for the Windows OS is Apple’s digital jukebux: iTunes. It’s free, and lets you see what you’re all missing :) Word of warning when you install, if you’re a bit finicky about how you store and categorise all your digital music files, make sure you don’t set it to reorganise them (it organises by artist then album).