Surviving my first typhoon

Jul 2002

Well I survived my first typhoon. Admittedly it wasn’t so bad in Tokyo but the winds were really strong and there was so much rain. The following days since have been quite windy as well. It was so bad when I returned home from some shopping this Saturday I had to scour around town to find some towels that had flown off my balcony. I found one in a tree; I got that one after a few scratches from tree branches. Another had dropped down to our neighbours balcony downstairs. The other flew onto a two-storey rooftop across the road; that one’s a goner though. Throw in another earth tremble and I basically have had a wonderful week.

Have I mentioned before what a dodgy area it is around my workplace? The street leading from the station to my office is basically full of massage parlours, soap lands and brothels. It gets so bad (or good, depending on your view of the world) at night that I usually take the back roads, staying away from every black Mercedes-Benz with dark tinted windows full of Yakuza. The other night though I was in a rush and decided to take the direct route. Bad mistake, I was accosted by foreigners (Russians, Philippines, Indians) and some Japanese enticing Japanese salarymen with their services. I was asked if I wanted a “massage”, and being new to the language I replied with ii-desu-yo instead of ii-desu (roughly “Sure” instead of “I’m fine, thanks”). Luckily I was with a workmate who quickly corrected my mistake before I was dragged off by this young lass in ninja stockings (fishnets) to be massaged in odd places (maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad, but I’m quite poor right now and need that ichi-man yen AU$150 :)