The Hunt for an Apartment Continues

Jun 2002

Last week was really hot and humid. This week it looks more like a rainy season. I also felt my first real earthquake, well more of a tremble really. But still fairly noticeable 5 storeys up at work. Sorry to everyone who has not been on my email lists, as I have lost my contacts from my previous computer (actually I am still missing a few).

I had to trawl through my hotmail box to do this :( I did archive my Microsoft Outlook Inbox before I left however its not compatible with Microsoft Entourage on the Mac! Brilliant work M$. Anyways I am still looking for an apartment, and its getting a bit easier, no rebuttals from being a foreigner this time. I received a Working Visa last week that will last me 3 years, not sure if I will spend that long here though. I opened a Japanese bank account as well, difficult process since I don't speak Japanese fluently and I don't have an "inkan" (a name seal). As if you haven't heard, the World Cup has been going on for a couple of weeks now and I must say Japan is completely soccer crazy. There was even a big thing about whether the Prime Minister should attend each game or not and the consequences of that. Not to mention all the drunk gaijin invading Roppongi (a well known night-spot here for things ... Well, you know :) I went to a Christian musical which was actually very impressive. The missus works with a few of the performers and I managed to meet them afterwards for dinner. Although I haven't been converted yet :) Work has been interesting. I managed to get Jboss 3.0 to work with a Java data objects implementation and have our JMS message handler start up as a JMX service and sending/receiving messages to clients. Anyone interested in learning about how this is done can email me later. BTW we are still looking for Java engineers (HTML / JSP / Servlets / Swing Applets / JDO / JMS / SQLServer) so if anyone is interested ...